10 billion
people by 2050
5 billion
hectares agricultural area
4.06 billion
hectares forest area


Sustainable Nutrition is a powerful concept that studies the environment, food production and nutrition through the lens of big data and artificial intelligence. This new, interconnected concept aims to be a driving force for new healthy, nutritious and sustainable food solutions for all. Humanity is facing a “triple dilemma”: to produce more food, ensure its nutritional adequacy, and avoid the unjustified expansion of cultivated lands at the expense of native environment. The complex issues cannot be solved in isolation. The need for a new approach is evident: one that optimizes health and nutritional outcomes, while, at the same time, is effective in restoring the key ecosystems and farming livelihoods on which humanity depends. This is what we call “Sustainable Nutrition”, a key driver to help fix our global food system. It is the only way for the future. We must act, now. And we must do it together.

The Board

The Sustainable Nutrition Scientific Board is a research team brought together to investigate potential solutions for this daunting challenge affecting us all.

Composed of leading international scientific experts from different – but synergic – disciplines, the group has a unique, holistic and science-based point of view. Its members are leaders in the environmental, nutrition, health and even epidemiology, working to cross-optimize their skills and to collaborate with the most acclaimed organizations in the fields of health, environment, nutrition, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The experts are independent members of the Sustainable Nutrition Scientific Board. The Sustainable Nutrition Scientific Board research is carried out independently thanks to the financial support of Nutella. The funder has no role in study design, data collection, and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of any manuscript.

Professor Mario Rasetti
Research Coordinator & Big Data Expert

Professor Mario Rasetti is Professor Emeritus of Theoretical Physics at the Politecnico di Torino, where he founded and directed the Doctorate School. Dr. Rasetti serves as President of the ISI Foundation (Istituto Interscambio Scientifico) and is an Advisor of the European Commission. His research activity is currently focused on statistical mechanics, quantum information, computation and “Big Data.” In 2011, he was was awarded the Majorana Prize for field theory as well as the Volta Medal.

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The goal

By 2050 the world will need to feed almost 10 billion people. And, by that time, humanity will have needed to achieve both the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. No easy task. The Sustainable Nutrition Scientific Board’s research activities hopes to help us get there.

Through the new Sustainable Nutrition interdisciplinary approach and supported by the experimentation of new, fact-based research methodologies, the Board is exploring some of the planet’s biggest nourishment challenges. But the team is not only looking at the environment, nutrition and health. It is also tracking the societal impact of economic activities in less developed regions to look for ways to elevate circular economy models and – ultimately – the quality of life for individuals and societies.