The Goal

What we want to achieve

We are seeking to improve the situation for all players, including consumers, producers and the environment. Our initial research efforts will focus on vegetable oils (currently a major source of nourishment for much of the world population). We intend to deal with this highly controversial subject in a way that is objective and strongly centered in science with the adoption of advanced technology and sophisticated methodological tools.

Billions of people on our planet currently exist with a food intake that is wildly inadequate in terms of oils and fats required to meet nutritional stability, yet sustainable nutrition is achievable for everyone.

Having acknowledged that traditional views regarding food consumption and production are not going to feed the people on our planet healthily and sustainably, we need to find a different approach. We intend to introduce state of the art tools and technology to persuade agencies, and partners to produce not only unbiased scientific evidence to counter fake news and faddish tendencies, but also to make available factual findings and applications for those findings, in the form of a plan for future planetary nutrition. In doing so we will be building a solid scientific team, a network with the top competencies in the world, to roll this project forward into studying other food categories (not just vegetable oils) with the same approach. This will allow the SNSB to take a public position with regards to the results obtained not only through publications and interviews but making itself available to discuss their results with various levels of government, in the interest of engaging the attention of stakeholders of national interest, those who will be making the policies of the future, regarding food ingredients and food habits and the related regulatory system.

Our overall goal is to foster a scientific-based, holistic, and proactive approach to our one single most pressing concern at this time – feeding our world in the best way possible for the people and the planet.