Christine Helen Foyer

Plant Sciences Expert
Former President of the Association of Applied Biologists – French Academy of Agriculture

Christine Foyer is Professor of Plant Sciences at the University of Birmingham. She is a Member of the French Academy of Agriculture and the Editor in Chief of Food and Energy Security. In 2022, she held the Janaki Ammal Chair of the Indian Academy of Sciences, she was made an International Fellow of the Indian Society of Plant Physiology and she received the Charles F. Kettering Award of the American Society of Plant Physiology. Christine has over 450 published papers and ranked as a Highly Cited Researcher™ list from Clarivate™. She is placed 4th in the list of the world’s Best Scientists in Plant Sciences, and is  ranked 21 in United Kingdom and 219 in the world in the 2022 Edition of the Ranking of Top 1000 Female Scientists in the World. Christine is an expert in plant metabolism and its regulation under optimal and stress conditions. Her lab focuses on the role of reduction/oxidation (redox) processes and signals regulate plant growth and stress tolerance, studying how primary processes (photosynthesis respiration) alter the redox status of cells and associated phytohormone signaling under optimal and stress conditions. Using model (Arabidopsis) as well as crop plants (wheat, barley, maize soybean and tomato) the lab investigates plant responses to abiotic (drought, heat, chilling, high light) and biotic (aphids) stresses.